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Saleh Abdullah Seiary ESt. is rapidly growing company dealing in Construction, Contracting, Maintenance and Trading activities.
Formed in 1999 the company is 100% Saudi firm with its office situated in Riyadh.

The mission of the company is to provide full professional construction and maintenance service with the help of its distinguished and well experienced staff in all phase of the construction and maintenance process. The company is made up of a multi disciplinary and highly qualified team of technicians and professionals with the aim of carrying out their work to the highest standard.In addition to our own resources, we have an unlimited source of manpower though our well known sub contractors and manpower suppliers who have shown over years to be both professional and reliable. To further expand our service capabilities we have working agreements with local and international companies those are active in the Saudi Arabia.




About us

Benefits of Live Green wall

Green walls can reclaim disregarded space by providing a esthetic stimulations where it would not otherwise be found. They can also serve to create privacy and sense of enclosure while limiting the negative psychological effects associated with property demarcation.
The reintroduction of vegetation into urban environments promotes the occurrence of natural cooling processes, such as photosynthesis and evapotranspiration. With strategic placement of green walls, plants can create enough turbulence to break vertical airflow, which slows and cools down the air.

What preserved plants realy are?

Preservation - the fruit of many year scientist researches and now world’s popular know-how. Preserved plants - not artificial and not dried flowers. These are the natural plants that in a result of special processing natural juice is replaced by a special solution based on glycerol. Technologies allow expose for this treatment almost all used floristic plants, stabilized materials have unique strength and elasticity, and they look like be natural flowers.

What are the advantages of preserved plants in comparison with live plants?

The advantages of stabilized plants are:
  • beauty, naturalness, entertainment
  • wider range of applications in finished product
  • lack of permanent care - no need to water, do not need light, not susceptible to disease
  • easy to store and transport – no temperature restrictions and handling life
  • lack of seasonality factor
  • environmentally friendly - do not pollute the environment and are harmless to humans and animals
  • stability of shape, color, appearance for a long time
  • long shelf life, calculated in years

  • Our product range will be interesting for:
  • Hotels, shoping centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, banks, offices
  • Retail stores, online-shop trading
  • Gift/Flower shops
  • Florists, phytodesigners, shop-window makers and decorators
  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporate clients
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private clients
  • join the green wall revoluation


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